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A regular meeting of the Chestnuthill Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 7:05p.m. on Tuesday, April 1, 2003, at the Municipal Building, Rte 715, Brodheadsville. Those present were Chuck Gould (Chairman), Mike Possinger and Atty. Joseph P. McDonald, Jr. (Maureen Tatu was absent.)

 The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was led by Christopher Eckert.

 Executive Session was held after the March 18th, 2003 Supervisors meeting.

 Public Comment

 June O’Neill asked if there will be a formal presentation of the Audit. Chuck said he’s reasonably sure it is set for April 15, 2003.

 Al Bourke reported that Evergreen Hollow Rd. is all torn up. Mike said he is in the process of getting help on that road and some of the other roads in the Township that were affected by the winter months.

 June O’Neill said a couple she knows came in to the Township Office to ask if they needed a special permit to convert their bi-level basement into living quarters for their elderly parents and were told by Sharon that as long as its within the confines of the building, you don’t need any permits. June asked if there was a special permit for a dwelling inside a dwelling. Joe McDonald suggested Chuck go over the ordinances with Sharon. Chuck asked that June have the couple call Sharon.

 Neill Boyce thanked everyone for their help at last Saturday’s PIC clean-up.

 Minutes On motion made by Mike, seconded by Chuck, it was voted to approve the Minutes of the March 18th, 2003 meeting as distributed. (2-0).


 Bethlehem Authority The Pennsylvania Game Commission, The City of Bethlehem and The Bethlehem Authority have signed a Public Access Program Agreement, which will keep lands owned by the Bethlehem Authority open to Public Hunting.

 Monroe County Control Center A copy of the Control Center’s March 25, 2003 Board of Directors meeting minutes was made available for anyone to look at.

Old Business

 Pearce Enterprises, LLC/Allen Whitehead  Mr. Whitehead asked that the Township write an endorsement letter to support the construction of a 50-unit, senior citizen, age 62 and over, affordable housing development at their property located at 30 Weir Lake Rd., Chestnuthill Township. Atty. Joe McDonald had language to add to the endorsement letter. On motion made by Mike, seconded by Chuck, it was voted to have Atty. McDonald add the language and the Township to put the endorsement on Township letterhead. (2-0).  

 Brodheadsville Chevy – Maintenance Agreement – H. Beers Tom Minser was present to ask for the Board’s signatures on the Maintenance Agreement to then return to DEP. On motion made by Chuck, seconded by Mike, it was voted to approve and sign the agreement  subject to the addendum language that Atty. McDonald and SEO Beers have added. (2-0).

 Service Agreement – MCMWMA & Service Agreement – ERT Waste Services Township Planning Director, Dave Albright gave a presentation to explain the services that these two companies will be providing to Township residents at the Chestnuthill Transfer Station, located on Hillcrest Dr. in Effort, PA. On Motion made by Chuck, seconded by Mike, it was voted to accept the Service Agreements from MCMWMA and ERT Waste Services. (2-0).  

 Bid opening for emulsion tank One bid from Highway Equipment Supply came in for a 3000 gallon emulsion tank, priced at $18,930.00. That price did NOT include set up and site work. On Motion made by Chuck, seconded by Mike, it was voted to table the decision until the Supervisors could talk to the Road Master about the set up and site work price. (2-0).

 Community Revitalization Assistance Program Chuck said we received paperwork today from The Department of Community Economic Development concerning the $100,000 Grant that Senator Charles W. Dent got for the Township for the Astolat Rd. & Rt. 115 road improvements.

 New Business

 Eagle Scout Resolutions – Timothy Aldinger & John Pendleton Page On motion made by Chuck, seconded by Mike, it was voted to approve these two Eagle Scout Resolutions. (2-0).

 Authorize Atty. McDonald to update/prepare pension ordinance On motion made by Mike, seconded by Chuck, it was voted to authorize Atty. McDonald to update and prepare the pension ordinance for the Auditor. (2-0).

Request from the Planning Director for a part-time secretary It was suggested by the Board that Dave Albright bring a job description and hours requirement to the next Supervisors meeting.

 Emergency Operations Plan – Chris Eckert  Chris explained that the new Emergency Operations Plan that will be adopted by ordinance by the Township in June is an “All Hazards” Plan. It will explain what to do in emergency situations like natural disasters, terrorist attacks, etc. It explains what emergency entity is responsible for what emergencies. Chris also explained a new program called C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team). Citizens on the team, in an emergency, will be trained in basic first aid, light search and rescue, how to check on homebound neighbors, etc. No certifications will be required and citizens will be covered under the “Good Samaritan” Act.

 West End Community Ambulance – Paul Lopapa Paul had recently approached the Township to fix, maintain and fuel the ambulances, because it is costing the Ambulance Co. way too much money to service the rigs at independent mechanic shops and diesel fuel is very high. Chuck says it is prudent to help the Ambulance Co. in any way that the Township can in the best interest of its residents and save the Ambulance Co. up to 60% in expenditures.

 Bills On motion made by Mike, seconded by Chuck it was voted to pay the General and State fund bills. (2-0)

 Adjournment There being no further business, on motion made by Chuck, seconded by Mike it was voted to adjourn to executive session to discuss a real estate issue. (2-0) The meeting adjourned at 9:10p.m.

 Respectfully submitted by,

 Kathy Fisher

Recording Secretary