A regular meeting of the Chestnuthill Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 7:15 p.m. on Tuesday, August 17, 2002, at the Municipal Building, Rte 715, Brodheadsville, Pa.  Those present were Chuck Gould (Chairman), Maureen Tatu (Vice Chairman), Mike Possinger  and Atty. Joseph P. McDonald, Jr.


The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was led by George Eckert.


Executive Session.   Following the last meeting a short executive session was held to address some employee issues.


Chuck noted that at the last teen dance there were over 400 kids in attendance.  Last week they had the first meeting for the haunted forest and 165 volunteers showed up—there are usually more as the event draws closer. 


Public Comment. 

Mrs. Drake said someone dropped a mattress off on Dairy Lane sometime today or yesterday.  Could someone pick it up?


Mr. Eckert mentioned an article that he read in the Pocono Record  regarding the Borough of East Stroudsburg requiring all renters who live there to register. Their kids go to that school and they don’t pay taxes. After a short discussion, Mike made a motion, seconded by Chuck, and it was voted to appoint Maureen to retrieve that information from East Stroudsburg Borough, put it in front of us, and see what we can do.  (3-0)


Al Bourke said there was a red car dumped up at Mt. Effort.  What can be done?  Chuck answered that the Township is limited as to what we can do before a certain period of time elapses.  The State Police have been notified.  If we have it towed, the Township is liable for it.


Minutes. On motion made by Maureen, seconded by Chuck, it was voted to approve the minutes of the September 3, 2002, meeting as distributed. (2-0)  Mike abstained as he was absent from this meeting.




A letter was received from the Pocono Heritage Land Trust; Monroe County Open Space Advisory Board; PPL; and the Nature Conservancy.  They are sponsoring an open space workshop series, including fundraising, grant writing, creative funding studies, linking conservation and development, transfer of development rights, etc.


A memo was received from the Pocono Mt. Council of Government is sponsoring a workshop for homeowners for the care and maintenance of their septic system and drinking water system on Monday, October 7th from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Monroe County Public Safety Center in Snydersville.


A letter was received from Monroe County Vector Control.  They are putting together a map of sewage treatment plants of the County so they can monitor them for West Nile Virus and mosquito breeding.



Old Business.


Atty. McDonald has prepared a corrective deed for the Romascavage property.  DCNR asked that the Deed be re-recorded to add some language, that would further enable the Township to acquire an additional grant (Chuck said he believes the total of the two is $360,000.00) Atty. McDonald said that this doesn’t change the title in any respect.  Mike made a motion, seconded by Maureen and it was voted to authorize the signing and filing of the Romascavage corrective deed. (3-0)


Chuck noted that several years ago when they created the grant writers position, Mrs. Kane was gracious enough to accept this position for a very small sum.  To show how effective she has been, with working on the Romascavage property alone, through the County Open Space Board, etc., on that acquisition alone, Mrs. Kane has helped us to secure $706,000.00.  Chuck thanked Mrs. Kane. 


Orchard View Estates.  No representative was present.  Mike made a motion, seconded by Maureen and it was voted to table until the next meeting.  (3-0)


Leon Clark and Mike Possinger—Update on Open Space Fundraising.  Mike noted that there was nothing at this time.


Riley Correspondence—Review of Chestnuthill Township Financial Statements.  Supervisors to sign letter stating there are no further changes since letter dated May 1, 2002.  Mike made a motion, seconded by Maureen and it was voted to sign the letter of disclosure. Signatures are subject to Atty. McDonald’s satisfaction after speaking with John Riley.  (3-0)


Roth Zoning Decision.  Maureen is supportive of what Ms. Roth is planning to do.  If a zoning change is required, so be it.  She would support that.  If it’s not required, then she says have her do what she had planned for her property.  Chuck made a motion, seconded by Maureen, and it was voted not to grant a zoning map change because with the testimony given, the wishes that the landowner expressed to us that night are allowed under the current ordinance. (2-0)  Mike abstained because he was absent from the hearing.


Municipal Donation—Deer Removal.  A letter was received from the Litter Control & Beautification Program of Monroe County advising that in Chestnuthill Township alone, there were 94 calls in the first half of 2002, of which 83 were picked up.  Of those, ll were on Township roads and at a cost of Approximately $30/deer.  The cost to remove all 83 would have been $2,480.  They are asking us to keep these figures in mind as we allocate our resources for the budget.  Maureen thinks it’s a very valuable service—she thinks the Township should offer financial support of this service.  After a short discussion Mike made a donation, seconded by Maureen, and it was voted to donate $2,000.00. (3-0)


New Business:


Infrastructure Coordinator’s Review.  Several months ago Mrs. Andrea Stangl was hired as Infrastructure Coordinator at $10/hr.  She has worked extremely well, fits in and does an excellent job; and, upon her 90 day review, Chuck recommends that her pay be bumped up to $ll.93/hr. She has certainly earned it.  Chuck made a motion, seconded by Mike, and it was voted to increase Andrea’s pay to $11.93/hr.  (3-0)


Parking Lot Paving.  Chuck noted that we received a price from Hanson Aggregates of $30,711.55 to do the entire parking lot, to reshape it, to grade it to the center and down to the pond off the side for drainage,  replace it with 2-1/2” of binder and I.D 2 wearing course of 1-1/2”.  Mike said, since it’s the parking lot do we have to bid the job. Atty. McDonald answered that he thinks we do since it’s over $10,000.00.  Mike made a motion, seconded by Maureen, and it was voted to advertise for bids to repave the parking lot.  (3-0)   Dave noted that it would be good if the mound (perhaps the septic) by the mailbox could be reshaped and lowered so it would be less of a hazard.  Chuck said that he recommends that we require this project to be done within two days—Friday and Saturday—to provide the least amount of disruption to the functions of the Municipality and the D.J.s office.  Maureen added that she would like to see it scheduled and finished before Election Day.


Assistant Zoning Officer.  Chuck said he believes that we have reached the point where we are in need of an Assistant Zoning Officer, not just an alternate.  We are somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 permits issued for this year already, and it’s an issue of providing responsive service to the public.  Mike made a motion, seconded by Maureen, and it was voted to create an Assistant Zoning Officer position.  (3-0)


Chuck noted that he made a call to Pocono Community Bank today.  The highest interest rate loan that we have on the books now (the remaining principal on that loan is $104,862.32) which involves the refinancing of this portion of the building which we are sitting in and the D.J.s office next door.  Chuck made a motion, seconded by Maureen, and it was voted to pay $20,000.00 off that principal  of the Township’s $104,862.32 loan, and each month pay an additional $1,500.00 directly off the principal and that’s in addition to the monthly payment of $l,300.00 some dollars. (3-0) We definitely have the financing to do that and that is not at a tax free interest rate that all the other loans that we have secured in the last 2-1/2 years are.  The term of the loan is in excess of 7 years and we should be able to pay it off in 2-1/2 to 3 years. That will save us thousands in interest.


Sign Committee.  Chuck requests that the Board grant permission to appoint someone to head this committee to standardize our signage.  Done properly it is a service to everyone; done improperly, it is nothing more than a blight on the community.  Chuck said he would like to appoint Mr. Johnson who has been very outspoken on this subject.  Mike made a motion, seconded by Maureen, and it was voted to appoint Dave Johnson and Dave will find two other individuals and start working on this. (3-0)


Al Bourke asked about the status of the conservation subdivision.  Chuck answered that there’s another workshop scheduled for the SALDO on Monday, September 30th at 6:00 p.m.  Al asked about failing septic systems and central sewer systems and how many there are.  Chuck answered that he doesn’t know but Al should check with the SEO.


Rich Frantz asked if there would be another hearing regarding SALDO and Conservation Subdivision.  Chuck answered that there would be a continued hearing.


Maureen noted that the Senior Housing Advisory Group will meet this Thursday, September 19th at 7:00 p.m., and the next Transient Retail Business Task Force meeting is Tuesday, September 24th at 7:00 p.m.  Everyone is welcome. 


Heller’s Gas. Atty. McDonald noted that in July the Board had authorized him to enter an appearance and some testimony at the Heller’s Gas zoning hearing.  There was a statement made by him of record on behalf of the Supervisors.  The Zoning Hearing Board rendered a decision on August 28.  The decision approved the use with certain conditions.  This Board has the right to file an appeal to this decision within 30 days of the date of the decision.  We had taken the position that maybe the use being proposed was not permitted there, but was permitted in another zone.  The Zoning Hearing Board did not agree with that.  There were some conditions attached to that, limiting it to two tanks instead of three.  After some discussion Maureen made a motion, seconded by Chuck and it was voted to file an appeal of the Zoning Hearing Board’s decision. (3-0) Mike made a motion, seconded by Maureen, and it was voted to direct Atty. McDonald to file an appeal on behalf of the Board. (3-0)  Dave complimented the Board on their decision and noted that the Planning Commission voted unanimously not to approve the location.


Bills.  On motion made by Maureen, seconded by Mike,  it was voted to pay the regular bills. (3-0)  On motion by Mike, seconded by Maureen, it was voted to pay the State Fund Bills. (3-0)  Chuck noted that there are two #101 checks and that is because of the State turnback roads that were done we had two separate accounts—one for Merwinsburg and the other Pheasant Run Valley, Burger Hollow and Effort/Neola.  It just happens that both those accounts the check was #101—there was no duplicate.


June O’Neill asked on behalf of the Board of Auditors she is asking the Supervisors to approve of sending the three of them to basic training for elected auditors.  The cost is $20 each for the one seminar and $40 each for the other one. Mike made a motion, seconded by Maureen, and it was voted to send the auditors to these seminars. (3-0)




First National Bank of Palmerton.  Marv Walton, of Niclaus Engineering, presented the Plan to the Supervisors.  After some discussion Maureen made a motion, seconded by Mike and it was voted to grant final approval to this Plan. (3-0)


Peggy Yencho, Community Watch Chairperson for the Indian Mountain Lake Civic Association, Inc., thanked the Supervisors for their donation of $513.33 toward the purchase of 2 radios.


Adjournment.  There being no further business, on motion made by Mike, seconded by Maureen it was voted to adjourn at 7:55 p.m.. (3-0)


Respectfully submitted,



Patricia A. Meckes

Recording Secretary