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Meeting Minutes

NOTE!  Although these images are scanned and/or electronic copies of public meeting minutes issued at township meetings, they are to be classified as "un-official" and for informational purposes only.  Contact the township for an official hardcopy.

Your comments welcomed.  Send us your comments on township meetings.  Use our Submit Info button and be sure to include your contact information for verification.

Adobe .PDF format

Township has now started posting updates on their website so we will no longer be scanning and posting them here.

Supervisors Bills Planning Comments/Highlights
12/7/04 12/15/04
11/16/04 11/17/04
10/5/04 10/20/04
9/7/04 9/15/04
8/17/04 8/18/04
7/20/04 7/21/04
6/21/04 8am meeting
6/16/04 Marketing Technology; ESSA; Pocono Outdoor Club; Emerson Chase subdivision; Kal-Tac, Inc.; Warnken subdivision; Martin zoning change
6/15/04 Joe Weston get 10-hours overtime for each Road Crew member
6/1/04 Supervisors authorize $125,000 settlement with Crisse Witte
Albright receives overtime pay
5/19/04 ESSA; Remax; Emerson Chase subdivision; Kal-Tac, Inc.; Warnken subdivision
5/18/04 Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority does not intend to renew collections at waste transfer station
5/4/04 Scouts honored
$150 donation to PV Chem-Free party
4/21/04 Emerson Chase subdivision; Kal-Tac, Inc.; Sabia subdivision; S&S Homes; Warnken subdivision; Whispering Woods; D'Alessandro land development; Joshmor, Inc.
4/6/04 Spinola requests mis-assessments be addressed
3/17/04 S&S Homes; Warnken subdivision; Whispering Woods; Kreger/Chain subdivision; Joshmor subdivision; Kal-Tac, Inc.; Keystone Auto; Sabia subdivision; Wystepek lot; D'Alessandro land development
3/16/04 Spotts-Stevens hired for Regional Comprehensive Plan
Cattaneo out, Lutz in as Auditor
2/18/04 Kreger/Chain subdivision; Joshmor subdivision; Kal-Tac, Inc.; Keystone Auto; Sabia subdivision; Wystepek lot; Serfass subdivision; Rylka subdivision; Jacket & Kramer land development; Merwine subdivision; Chafik subdivision; Kishbaug land development
02/17/04 - three township trucks valued at only $1,375
- township gives library $10,385 donation
02/03/04 - June O'Neill gets reimbursed for job related software
1/21/04 Reorganization Meeting: Larry Smith, Chairman, Meade gone
Sabia subdivision; Wystepek lot; Serfass subdivision; Treible Harvest Moon flea market land development; Kreger/Chain subdivision; Joshmor subdivision; Chafik land development; Kal-Tac, Inc. land development; Keystone Auto land development; Merwine subdivision; Kishbaugh land development; 
01/20/04 - Jim Spinola again suggests township should check with county periodically on occupancy permits
- Whispering Woods roads set for dedication
01/05/04 - Jim Spinola concerned county assessor's office is not getting/acting upon township occupancy permits
^ 2004 ^
12/22/03 -7am meeting approving $3,226,001.00 township budget.
12/17/04 - Chairman Mike Meade misses meeting
12/16/03 Joe Weston, Cathy Baker & Dave Albright employee contracts ok's.
11/21/03 -7am meeting granting Warnken property zoning change from Residential to Commercial.
11/19/03 -Kal-Tac proposed Shopping Plaza reviewed.
11/3/03 - Residents express concerns over new LTS development.
10/24/03 - 7am meeting allowing AT&T to look to add cell tower to township transfer station on Hillcrest Drive.
10/15/03 -Joshmor major subdivision reviewed.
9/19/03 - 8am meeting approving environmental assessment tests on Modafferi and Tallada properties.
9/17/03 - Kreger/Chain minor subdivision
9/9/03 - Vanguard AT&T cell tower near Whispering Woods.
9/2/03 - Building Code public hearing reviewed.
8/22/03 -Township to assist Polk in 75 acre open space purchase.
8/5/03 -Newly appointed tax collector resigns, PV school district appointed for 2003.
-Commercial use of Waste Transfer Station considered.
-Burnley workshop hired for park maintenance duties.
7/18/03 -Tax auditor bill for $10,500+/- approved.
-Township secretary to temporally collect taxes.
-Zoning Officer attorney appointed.
7/16/03 -Plan reviews.
7/7/03 -PV school district to temporarily collect taxes.
7/1/03 -Replacement tax collector appointed.
-Building & Recycling ordinances were reviewed.
-Used batting cages purchased after Louisiana inspection trip.
-Bleacher purchase ok'd for basketball courts.

-Plan reviews


-Tree trimming, appliance pickup & road bids were opened.
-Planning secretary hired.


-Plan reviews

^ The township is now providing minutes on-line.  Check back here for the latest ^

April 1, 2003

-Transfer Station management to change hands
-Advertisement for Planning Director secretary
-CERT program introduced

Electronic versions of meeting minutes have been continued as of 4/17/03
Note:  awaiting electronic versions of Oct/Nov minutes from township
November 22 2002 -Road crew employee terminated
November 21 2002 -Budget working meeting
November 19 2002 -Executive session for personnel issues
November 8 2002 -Temporary helper timeframe extended
October 24 2002 -Transient Business, SALDO & Peddling ordinance amendments approved
October 21 2002 -TransWorld awarded $145,000 grinder bid
October 15 2002 -Hansen Aggregates awarded $31,000 paving contract
-Heller's Gas receives final approval
October 1 2002 -Albright hired as Planning Director
-Curbside recycling coming

-Heller's Gas recommended for preliminary approval

Sep17 2002
-Assistant zoning officer sought to ease permit load.
-Board to appeal Heller's Gas Zoning Hearing Board approval.


Aug20, 2002
-Outside auditor sought.
Transfer tax crackdown. -More Little Mexico area property earmarked for parks.


July 26, 2002
-6:30am park maintenance hiring.

June 4, 2002
-Paving material bids opened.

Apr 19, 2002
-6:30am bill-paying-only meeting

Apr 2, 2002
-Township looking to hire 
"Planning Coordinator" and "Infrastructure Coordinator"

Mar 19, 2002
-Township praised for Federal Surplus Property Program participation.

Mar 5, 2002
-Roadblocks suggested at county park to curb dumping.

Feb 5, 2002
-Supervisors consider Conservation Subdivision ordinance allowing 1.25 acre lots.
Thank you to Chestnuthill Township for providing unofficial electronic copies of meeting minutes above!

Jan 22, 2002

-HRG proposes $10k topo study for Romascavage property.

Jan 7, 2002
-Riley Computers awarded $19k contract.

2002 Pre-

(5 meg
Nov 27, 2001

# # #


# # #

Dec 31, 2001
-Supervisors vote for salary increase to $3,250.00/year.

Dec 20, 2001
-2002 Budget approved.

Dec 4, 2001

Dec 4, 2001

Nov 27, 2001

Nov 20, 2001

Nov 20, 2001

Nov 9, 2001

Oct 30, 2001

Oct 26, 2001

Oct 16, 2001

Oct 2, 2001

Oct 2, 2001

Sept 4, 2001

 Aug 21, 2001

July 24, 2001

July 3, 2001